Borneo – the name itself has an exotic sound. The worlds 3:rd largest Island which greatest part belongs to Indonesia shares also the Island with Malaysia and Brunei. Malaysia and little Brunei are located at the north part of Borneo. At Borneo there are two states that belongs to Malaysia, it is Sabah at the north east side and Sarawak at the north west side.



The name of the largest town in Sarawak is Kuching (Kuching means cat in Bahasa Malaysia) and has about 380000 citizens.
70% of the people in Kuching are Chinese.

Around an artificial lake there is a group of houses from the seven different peoples at Borneo.
Here you can find a typical Malayan house, a Chinese house, longhouses from Bidayuh and the Iban people, house from Penan-nomades,
Melanau and Urang Ulu-people.
Longhouse is a kind of terrace-house with a common veranda which is following the whole side. Here are the whole village living in the same house.
The house is split in different sections with a door facing the veranda and there is room for one family.
Beyond looking at houses and chatting with the village people you can also try a blow pipe, play spinning (a game with a “spinning top”) and look at dance shows.

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