The republic Singapore is one of the worlds smallest countries. Singapore or Singa Pura (Liontown) has around 3 millions citizens. There are mostly Chinese (78%), Malay (14%) and Indies (7%). Singapore has a clean and nice environment and the business district with it’s sky-scrapers give a picture of a modern society. The country is indeed not so old.

The English man Sir Stamford Raffles made a landing in 1819 and founded a couple of years later Singapore as a town and made Singapore as a free port. In less than 200 years they have succeeded to transform Singapore from a swampy ground to a modern industrial nation.


At Arab Street you can hear the prayers shouting from the Sultan Mosque. In the area that was previously aimed for the Muslim people you can find colorful clothes, leather and pleated baskets.
Other places of interest in Singapore are Chinatown and Little India with all temples and images of Hindu gods.


The Sakya Muni-Temple (The temple of the thousand lights).
A 15 m high and 300 ton heavy sitting Buddha. It is surrounding by a halo of lights – which will explains its name.

Sentosa is an Island just outside Singapore. In the 70’s the Island was changed from military base to recreation area.
At the Island there are some attractions like golf courses, beaches and lagoons, a music fountain, restaurants, water chutes and so on.
The best way to Sentosa is by cable car.

Singapore’s symbol is a figure with a fish body and a lion head – Merlion, and that statue stands in the harbor.
At Sentosa there is also a Merlion but it is much bigger.
There is an elevator inside and you can go up and take a look at the view.

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