About Us

About Us

Hans and Helena Dahlin

The passion for travels was within both of us before we even met each other. When we decided to go to Kenya and the Seychelles (1990) on our honeymoon, that interest and passion got more and more obvious. We wanted to explore the world!

We are both born and raised in Sweden, and at the time when our daughters were born (-91 and -93) we were living in a small but picturesque town called Vadstena in the southern part of Sweden, close to lake Vättern.

The first trips we made together with our children were shorter ones to Denmark. We stayed in hostels and camping areas. Then we extended the trips to Greece, Cyprus and France after some years.

Our passion for Southeast Asia started in 1996 when Hans was going to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for work and Helena joined him. The culture, religion, environment and mystique was amazing! We decided on our way home that it was not a question about IF we were going to go back, but WHEN we were going to go back.

Back home we started to plan a trip that included our children. In -99 our plans came to life – we went backpacking together for five weeks in Thailand, Malaysia (Borneo) and Singapore.  We all loved it and our children didn’t want to go back home.

Two years later we did our largest trip (to this day) – to Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. That trip was the most adventurous and fascinating trip one could ever imagine! It lasted for ten weeks, the whole summer break.

In 2004 we moved to California but still loves to go back to Southeast Asia. This year we went to Laos and Myanmar.

We have taken many photos and videos throughout the years and we now offer slideshows and lectures about travels and especially travelling with children. Book your Asian themed dinner and slideshow with us, see here

We also do Family Photography, Real Estate Photography, and Event Photography!