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Gibbon Experience - in Huay Xai

After 2 days on the Mekong River we finally arrived into the small town of Huay Xai.

The hotels are very few, we stayed a little bit in the outskirt of the town. 

The following morning, after enjoying a good breakfast and cappuccino, we stepped in to the Gibbon Experience Office in Huay Xai. We were watching some security videos regarding how to fasten yourself before using the ziplines. There are some different tours to choose from depending on length and physical activity. We choose the classic 3 days tour with 2 night stay in a treehouse.

Enjoying a last Cappuccino before leaving the civilization for 3 days.

We installed ourselves in the Jeep, we were 8 people, and started to drive. After 2 hours drive the roads started to get very muddy. Since it was the wet period and had been a lot of previous rain, the roads were very bad so we had to do a longer than usual hike.

At many parts of the road we had to step out of the Jeep, so it could try to make it up the hills. 

We reached a point were we couldn’t drive any longer and had to walk rest of the way. 

The locals are used to the muddy roads
At some part we had to wade through small rivers
A short break on the way up to the treehouses
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