Hoi An

We bought bus tickets in Saigon. These are “open tickets” where you decide your final destination of the bus trip. On the way to this destination the bus stops in different cities and you can stay there for several days. The night before you want to go again you just tell them and then you can go on further to you final stop the next morning.
After some days we were staying in Hoi An in central Vietnam.
The bus went mostly through rice fields but also passes some beautiful beaches and high mountains.
Hoi An is a charming, old and very genuine town with 60000 citizens. We have returned to Hoi An two times (2002 and 2015) – this is a place you can´t miss when visiting Vietnam!

Hoi An
Hoi An City

Hoi An is one of the oldest towns in South East Asia. The Old Town has buildings that are several hundred years old.
Everywhere there is small shops selling lamps.

Lamp store
Japanese bridge

In the “old town” there are many lovely boutiques to shop in. A well known symbol in the town is the Japanese bridge with a roof which was constructed in 1593.

There are also a lot of temples in the town.

China Temple
figure hedge
Harbor boat
Fruit market

The way to the exquisite beach is 5km long and passes along countryside and rice fields.
The traffic is quite calm with a lot of bicycles. The nice beach in Hoi An is named Cua Dai Beach and passes 20 km at the north to Danang.
There are some restaurants but the beach is noticeably deserted (so far).

Cua Dai Beach
Beach Hoi An
Fishing boats

Hoi An is wide known for it´s good clothes and efficient tailors.
You can also see how the silk material is made through the breeding of silkworms.

In Hoi An there are about 100 tailor shops. We bought our clothes in the shop Gia Hung (Nhi Trung Stret 3) and Bao Khanh (Phan Dinh Phung Street 37).

Gia Hung
Gia Hung staff
Bao Khanh
My Son

We were very pleased with our clothes and the service in both shops.
Make a visit at them and send our regards!

At both of our visits in Hoi An we have stayed at the hotel Vinh Hung 2. They have both Vinh Hung 1 and 2, and number 3 is under construction.
Vinh Hung 2 is located at Nhi Trung Street and we have really enjoyed the visit there. We can strongly recommend this.

Vinh Hung 2
Hotel staff
Vinh Hung 2

Our favorite restaurant in Hoi An is Thanh Than II. They have a wide menu with both Vietnamese food and also very good pizzas.
Don´t mix up Thanh Thanh with Tam Tam Cafe, a cafe with delicious equipment which is own by a Frenchman.
This is also worth a visit but the prices are a little bit higher.

Thanh Thanh Restaurant

The best starting-point for a one day excursion to My Son is from Hoi An.
My Son is the most important place for the Cham-culture in Vietnam. The books say that it is Vietnam’s equivalent to Angkor in Cambodia.
Unfortunately a large amount of the monuments were destroyed during the Vietnam War, and we didn´t think that it can be compared to Angkor.

My Son
My Son
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