Inle Lake

The airport in Heho.
Map over Inle Lake
From Yangoon we were flying to Heho. At the airport in Yangoon they are hand writing our names on the boarding card and we got a sticker attached on our shirts. The flight time was 1 hour and it costed around $100 per person.
After we arrived in Heho we took a taxi to “Nyuang shive” located next to the Inle Lake. There we had to pay a fee because we were entering a nature reserve.
After 1 hour taxi ride we we checked in at the hotel “Inle Resort & Spa”. We stayed here for 2 nights. The rooms were very nice, bungalow like.
It felt like we were living in the jungle. All the staff were very polite and service minded.

The next morning we took an early private boat excursion from the hotel. We passed many of the classic one-leg rowing fishermen, they were magnificent to see.

The first stop was at a local market. But on the way to the market we saw a preschool. We did a quick drop in for a visit. There were many children there and they sang for us.

We left them and went on to the market. There were no tourists what so ever on this market, it felt very genuine. We bought some bananas and some flowers. On our way back to the boat we stopped at the preschool again and gave then the flowers and the bananas.

Watch a video clip from the market here

The driver of the boat made two other stops, one at a woodcarving raft and one at a silversmith, but we declined to go off because we had spent so long time at the local market already.

The boat continued towards the “Shwe Indein Pagoda” with a lot of so called Stupas. On the way up to the Pagoda we passed a lot of sales stalls  and there were many tourists here.

Before leaving Inle Lake we took a taxi up to the mountain for a visit at a monastery. We saw many boys living their lives in this monastery.

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