Our taxi ride from the airport in Yangoon to the “Summit Parkview Hotel” took about 35 min. The taxi driver was a bit annoying, he wanted to sell all kinds of different guide trips to places all over Myanmar. He wanted us to add his Facebook page too. It was a delight to get out from the taxi and check in to this very nice hotel. Our room had a magnificent view over the “Shwedagon Pagoda”, it is one of the most beautiful views we’ve had from a hotel room. We stayed here for two nights.

Yangoon has 5 million residents. We went to explore downtown which we thought was a bit strange looking. Nice buildings were mixed up with black moldy houses. It was a colonial British style on the houses. We strolled around the stalls and and the chaotic life for a while.

We went in to ta small shop where we both bought ourselves a SIM card to our phones. The price here was 10 times less the price at the hotel!

Next day we went to “Shwedagon Pagoda”. The Pagoda is 2,600 years old and is Myanmar’s most religious building. It is 99 meter high and in the top sits a large diamond and many rubies and smaller diamonds.

We walked slowly around the Pagoda to se everything by it sides too. It was very interesting even though the weather wasn’t the best.

Then we walked over to Strand Hotel. It is a very well known stylish hotel, similar to Raffles Hotel in Singapore. We sat in the beautiful bar and sipped on our wine.

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